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Great Blue Heron_edited

Great Blue Heron - wood, paper, acrylic, oil


SAVE OUR BEES - oil and digital

Elevation Eggs & Toast

Elevation Eggs & Toast - acrylic on paper

milk snake

milk snake - oil on paper

Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria - oil and digital

we disappear with the lake (ode to the Great Salt Lake)

we disappear with the lake (ode to the Great Salt Lake) - oil and pencil on paper

snowshoe hare

snowshoe hare - oil and pencil on paper

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake - acrylic on paper

Mount Shortcake

Mount Shortcake - acrylic on paper


raft - oil on paper

Robin - MI state bird

Robin - MI state bird - acrylic/mixed media on paper


centaur - digital

ya lucky cuss

ya lucky cuss - digital

Western Christmas


cowboy cactus

Cowboy Cactus - digital

P is for prick

P is for prick - digital

ghostly tampon

ghostly tampon - digital

Cabin fever

Cabin Fever - digital


quarantine emotional rollercoaster - acrylic on paper

Ya Filthy Prick

Merry Christmas, ya filthy prick. - digital

Pumpkin Pie

Pie - digital

Shaved ice

Shaved Ice - digital


The Hustle is Real - digital


Pigagonia - digital

Trooping Crumble Cap fungus

coprinellus disseminatus - digital

HealthBiller splash screen

HealthBiller splash screen - digital

Wayward Sun

Wayward Sun - digital

AltaPoint software splash screen

AltaPoint software splash screen - digital


Presentation - digital

Medicare Agent Resources logo

Medicare Agent Resources logo - digital


slide - digital


Ukraine - digital

brick building

brick building - oil on canvas

about lindsay elise

As a kid I had the tendency to spend a lot of time off in my own little world, playing around with art supplies. From a cartoon sketch I did of Al Capone to a ladybug I painted on my childhood bedroom wall without asking permission, I found a state of flow that I loved while lost in these spurts of creativity. I took an art class in high school, which didn't always go so well. I did a watercolor of a naked woman and my very dear friend and classmate, Ricky, said it looked more like Mowgli from the Jungle Book (he was not wrong). Over the years I lost touch with art but it eventually found its way back into my life on a consistent basis. I love to explore seeing things from a different perspective, paying attention to the small details, reveling in how incredible nature is, and the cycle of death and rebirth. I am convinced that if you look close enough, everything is beautiful.

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lindsay elise

painter - illustrator

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